To Search for an ANAB-accredited certification body (CB), you must select a standard.

Results include contact information and a copy of the CB’s ANAB accreditation certificate (pdf format).

To search by certification body name: Select the standard from the “standard (required)” dropdown field. Enter the name of the certification body (see note below). Click on the "search" button.

To narrow your search by more than just the standard: Select the standard from the “standard (required)” dropdown field. Select the appropriate information in the dropdown boxes (e.g., state or province, country, or scope category). Click on the "search" button.

You can also narrow your search by Scope Category for standards for which scoping is used: ISO 9001 (and standards based on ISO 9001, such as TL 9000), ISO 14001, and OHSMS standards. Scope categories are based on the major headings of the NACE code system.

Note: If you have difficulty locating a particular CB after entering that CB's name, enter a portion of the CB’s name.

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